Welcome to our family home page. This is our home on the internet, and like our physical home, we hope to provide an uplifting atmosphere for the visitors. [p.s. it is easy for you to see that this is a work in progress. If there is any content that you are interested in, but it is not posted, or the link is not working for you, please write to us.]

Farzin and Fariba in 2008

Our nuclear family is made up of Farzin, Fariba, Bayan and Carmel.

On this page there are some basic information for Farzin, and you can read more about other family members and about our extended family members on the side bar.

A note on self: We believe that we can achieve the goals of our lives through selfless service to others. We share the material on this site, not as a focus on self, but in the spirit of sharing with our wider human family what little we can bring to add to the beauty and diversity of our communities and our society.

Early childhood

I was born in Kashmar, Iran, on 17 October 1954. Our family moved to Daregaz in 1957, and to Tehran in 1966. I graduated from Alborz High School in 1973.


I left Iran in 1973 and went to Manchester, UK. I enrolled in Stratford Technical College where I studied GCE-A levels. I then moved to London in 1974 and entered Imperial College where I was trained as an Electrical Engineer. 


The first 28 years I was associated with one university or another, either as a student, a researcher, or a professor.


I am Baha'i. 


I have lived just over 18 years in Africa.


I have lived in California since 2001.

Social Action

More recently I have come to see some of my activities in the light of what is termed social action. These are those activities with the explicit purpose of contributing to the transformation of the society. 


During my years in academia I have done research in a number of areas, and have published these in various proceedings of international conferences, or in peer reviewed learned journals and transactions. Some of these are listed below.


As part of my work in private companies I was encouraged to invent stuff and to apply for patent protection. These patents are invariably assigned to my employers. Here is a tentative list.

Baha'i Studies

I believe that every Baha'i is, and should act as if s/he is, a Baha'i scholar. That is we should all study, learn, think, act, analyze, and articulate our learning. In this way we will all advance a culture of learning. We do not have a class of people called Baha'i scholars. In this spirit I have participated in a number of activities and classes for the purpose of advancing my own understanding of those gems of wisdom enshrined in Baha'u'llah's matchless utterances. 

Talks and Presentations

On a number of occasions I have contributed to various gatherings. A few items are below.

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